Roof Repair

There are a lot of reasons that are responsible for the roof repairs. Some of the common signs that show trouble on your roof include things like brittle shingles, curled shingles, and water stains. For repairs, it is important to hire a company that will evaluate the source of your roof leak and has a great history of quality workmanship in order to provide you with the honest service of the work needed.

We at Mayday Roofers are a full-service roof repair company available 24 hours and our service technicians are ready to evaluate and find the root cause of your roof leak. Our service technicians always strive to provide you with the best roofing repair and installation services for your home at affordable prices.

Our repair technicians come fully equipped and prepared to fix all the leaks on the spot. We provide emergency leak repair service around the clock, seven days a week. Our experienced and capable repair technicians identify the cause of your leak and perform the necessary repairs quickly and proficiently. We also inform you of what is needed to be done and provide you with a free estimate before making any repairs.

At Mayday Roofers, we work passionately for the business that other companies lack. From a simple roof repair to a completely new installation, we provide the same quality workmanship and attention to every single project we complete.

Our detailed Roof Inspection helps our experts to examine all problems associated with repairing or altering your roof. This technique helps in ensuring that no problem is going anonymous and prevents future surprising and expensive alterations. We only use high-quality materials for any roof repair job.

The idea of roof repair can be the source of concern for the residents of that area but it doesn’t have to be. Timely roof repair can be a nice thing actually is a nice thing as it will let you catch leaks and other problems in the early stages before letting them blossom to emergency situations that need to hurry up service as well as a higher bill. Moreover, a periodic roof inspection is the best way to nip these issues.

For best quality roof repair you must give us a call at (305) 602-4086 for fixing your roof immediately.

We have experience in handling all kinds of industrial as well as residential roofs and can identify the source of your roof issues easily and quickly. There are many different kinds of roof repairs that we can handle for you. Here are a few examples-

  • Addressing algae growth concerns
  • Repair of roof buckling
  • Repair and location of phantom roof leaks
  • Replacement of damaged and missing shingles

Algae growth- Fungus and Algae growth on your roof is common, especially when the weather is humid. Again, this is not an emergency repair, but it may look very unattractive. Although the algae do not normally cause any damage to your roof, the bloom traps extra water and allows it to sit on your roof for longer than it should. Standing water will cause problems in the long run; therefore it’s preferable to deal with the algae growth now.

Roof buckling- Roof buckling might happen if your attic isn’t well ventilated. Your roof shingles may become wet if moisture from your air conditioning condenser or humidity builds up in your attic. This form of repair isn’t usually possible right away, but as the shingles dry, they can buckle, causing damage over time. We’ve seen this before and can pinpoint the source of the issues.

Location of roof leaks- Many times, you will require this kind of roof repair but will be unable to determine the source of the leak. A roof leak isn’t always caused by damage that is visible above the water stain on your ceiling. Standing water or rain might blow in from the side, causing moisture to build upon the roof and run down to other parts. When a leak occurs in an area of your ceiling that appears to be unrelated, we are experts in locating the source of the problem.

Damaged and missing shingles-

This is a relatively typical roof repair method. Shingles can be harmed by a variety of factors. With high winds, composite shingles can be blown off the roof. Shingle granules can be rubbed away by low-hanging branches or gradually worn away by hail, rain, or snow. Dry rot can also be a problem with wood shakes. All of these concerns are familiar to us, and we give expert repair.